Horses for the Holidays

When the Onondaga Nation rescue ponies came to us two years ago in the middle of winter, we were given an extraordinary gift at Skanda. As they became nourished and healthy—shedding their fear of us and emerging into the confident, gentle horses they are today—this magnificent herd of ponies taught us about the invaluable gift of love and care in an animal's life. They also reminded us about the challenges horses face in the harsher winter months in Central New York; horses' needs change significantly at this time, and their care can require extra resources to make sure they stay warm and well. For all of us who cherish our horses and want them to have everything they need to thrive this winter, we understand how important that extra blanket can be, or that extra bag of feed.

Horses for the Holidays is a pilot program created by Skanda to offer support to horses across Central New York this winter. If you are in a position to donate new or used equine supplies, or if you need that extra blanket or resource to ease the winter’s passing, Horses for the Holidays invites us to put horses first this season. The mission of our program is two fold: first, it is to create a loving network of exchange through which horse lovers can give and receive supplies that bring joy and wellbeing to our equine family members. Second, it is to support those horses living in extreme neglect, as we will donate supplies to the CNYSPCA and other non-profit horse rescues for the horses in their care.

We want to encourage everyone who has a wish list for their horse(s) to contact us and let us know the items you are looking for. All communication is confidential.

How to Give:

How to Receive:


* Tractor Supply Hamilton
* Country Max Dewitt
* Milestrip Store
* Cornell Cooperative Extension Morrisville
* Morrisville College
* Cazenovia College Equestrian Center
* Caz Cans
* Skanda Equine by appointment

Runs from Thanksgiving to January 2nd every year

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